ADM Bespoke Swivel Egg Chair by Nicole Franzen Interior Design.
Photo by Nicole Franzen for Architectural Digest

For the better part of the last twenty years we have dedicated our time to searching out notable vintage furniture and Decorative Arts for the Design Trade as Antiques du Monde, counting virtually all of the AD100 and Elle Decor's A-List as clients. Over the years, there were items that were so special that we wished we had kept them for ourselves; pieces without expiration dates, beautiful and sculptural forms that have always worked and will always be a part of the design vernacular. With that thought, we have begun to carefully recreate a select number of these pieces along with other original and important designs that were not available on the market. We have partnered with the best local workrooms and artisans to accomplish this, always using the finest materials and period techniques without shortcuts. All of our designs are hand made to order and hand finished to the highest standard.

Welcome to ADM Bespoke.